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Home Hírek -News A RICS és az EuroFM közös konferenciája
21 | 07 | 2024
A RICS és az EuroFM közös konferenciája PDF Nyomtatás E-mail

Az RICS és az EuroFM 2013. november 6-án Brüsszelben tarták első közös konferenciájukat. A konferencián való részvétel díjtalan.
További részletek és jelentkezés az EuroFM weblapján

A konferencia programja

This joint RICS & EuroFM conference – with guest speakers and experts from the facilities management community – will review the state of practice of the facilities profession and discuss critical FM challenges and opportunities to enhance corporate efficiency and effectiveness. 

The majority of organisations operate from buildings which represent one of their greatest corporate assets and, after staff, one of their largest operational costs. The management of facilities is an increasingly complex operation and requires technical expertise and experience which many facilities managers will be in a position to handle. What is further required beyond technical skills - tackling routine operational matters such as maintenance and the control of heating and ventilation systems - is the ability to operate at the strategic level and work on a number of multi-disciplinary relationships within their organisation.

The event will explore the depth of the FM discipline and the benefits of properly positioning the facilities role within the structure of businesses. It will do that by considering good practices, need for ethical behaviour and the strategic running of services that understand and contribute to the business they support.

The event will coincide with the release of the RICS Guidance Note on Facilities Management which has been developed with the involvement of a wide range of professionals from a variety of different backgrounds.



14:30 Registration
15:00 Welcome note

  • Ron van der Weerd, EuroFM chair
  • Bruno Pepermans, Development Director RICS Europe
15:10 Presentation of the RICS Facilities Management Guidance Note

  • Johnny Dunford MRICS, Global Commercial Property Director at RICS
15:30 Panel debate moderated by: Rudy Nauwelaerts MRICS, Partner Real Estate Law, Stibbe

  • Johnny Dunford MRICS, Global Commercial Property Director at RICS
  • Jeroen Govers FRICS, Director Real Estate Services, AOS Studley
  • Mark Mobach, RNG EuroFM member, Associate Professor Wageningen University, Researcher University of Groningen, Professor Hanze University of Applied Sciences
  • Wayne Tantrum, Former EuroFM Chair, CEO New World Sustainable Solutions
17:00 Coffee break
17.20 Panel presentations moderated by Bernard Drion, Professor Facility Management, NHTV University of Applied Sciences, Breda – The Netherlands

  • The value of strategic FM, Keith Alexander, Chair EuroFM Research Network Group
  • Best practice examples of strategic FM, Francisco Vazquez Medem – President 3G-Office
  • Questions from the audience
18.30 Concluding remarks, Bernard Drion, Professor Facility Management, NHTV University of Applied Sciences, Breda – The Netherlands
18.40 Drinks & Networking