HFMS Award for FM Industry Impact presented for the first time Nyomtatás

The HFMS Award for Industry Impact recognises leading individuals who has had the most significant and positive impact on the FM industry over their career to date. The award is given under the direction of the HFMS board which this year recognises Ervin Klem for his outstanding contribution to FM industry in Hungary.

At the HFMS 2010 conference in Budapest the HFMS Award for FM Industry Impact was presented for the first time.The first ever ‘HFMS Award for Industry Impact’ was presented by the Hungarian Facility Management Society (HFMS), in front of the guests and colleagues, at the Grand Hotel Hungaria in Budapest to Ervin Klem, chairman of Hungarian Cleaning Association (MATISZ).

"Ervin Klem was awarded for his outstanding contribution to the development of the Hungarian Facilities Management Industry by raising standards of professionalism in the Cleaning Industry." as Sándor Lippai, vice chairman of HFMS stated in the award ceremony.

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